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The world of Tarth was a bright and shining jewel. The Great Race Wars were long over, the people were free, and true evil had been scattered to the dark bowels of the earth. The King of Valusia sat upon his throne and ruled his peaceful valley and its honest citizens with a firm yet fair grip.

The future of Tarth was bright. Until they came. And the light went out forever.

Latest Updates


  • Latest session logs posted


  • Session log posted for Tuesday (in two parts) and also previous session logs edited a bit to trim battle detail and make them more readable.


  • Map updated with the location of the spire, and your current location
  • Entry for Tam, and a placeholder entry for the spire
  • Session log will likely follow tomorrow once I’ve edited
  • Will also go updating all the NPCs who are presumed dead to show that at some point

Home Page

Evernight Grymbok